June – Colourful Clematis

Clematis are really versatile, from big bold blooms to delicate nodding bells, no garden should be without them. They can be left to clamber up a trellis panel to cover walls and fences or trained over a pergola. They come in a wide range of varieties, which flower at every season of the year.


Clematis come in a variety of shades form pinks to reds to purple, blues, creams and whites. Some have striped or patterned petals too in a variety of size, shapes and forms. Some of the most popular varieties are:

  • Alabast
  • Madame Julia Correvon
  • Etoile Rose
  • Lasurstern


  • Clematis like their heads in the sun and feet in the shade. plant so the soil is in the shade to keep it cool, training shoots up into the brighter, lighter space above.
  • Always plant summer flowering clematis deeper than they were growing in their pots. Did a deep hole so the root ball sits 7-10 cm below the soil surface and bury the base of the stems with soil. this can help plants regrow if they suffer from clematis wilt leaf.
  • Spread a deep mulch of compost or bark over the soil after planting to lock in moisture and protect from the sun to keep roots cool.


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